Metal detector
  • Induction Balance Metal Detector
  • Induction Balance Metal Detector

“FAU–1MX”- induction balance metal detector

"FAU-1MX" works on the principle of induction balance. Suitable for use on normal soils and those with low mineralization.

Main characteristics:

  • three channel
  • dual-tone sound indication
  • automatic sound separation (selectivity) of ferrous and non-ferrous metals during work.High tones for non-ferrous metals and low tones for ferrous.
  • manual ground balance
  • temperature balance
  • threshold of the sound
  • opportunity to ignore iron objects
  • operating frequency - 7.5 kHz
  • additional mode for working with colour (precious) metals
  • the apparatus is equipped with a search coil - 38 cm (15 inches)
  • rechargeable battery - 12V / 2500mAh, allows operation up to 8 hours
  • automatic battery charger with indication - Battery full
  • it is also possible to be plugged in outer accumulator block
  • headphones jack
  • two year warranty

    Price 500 EUR

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