Metal detector
  • Locator

"FAU LOCATOR" - Detecting metals from a distance

"FAU LOCATOR" works on the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance. Emitted electromagnetic waves with the help of a built-in adjustable analog generator via two telescoping antennas. The coincidence of the transmitted electromagnetic waves with the oscillation of the atomic nuclei of the metals elicits nuclear magnetic resonance , forming a line that the appliance detects.

Functions of the apparatus:

  • set to an arbitrary frequency for the type of metal
  • LCD indicates the current frequency
  • Save the formed line to the metal
  • Delete the formed line to the metal
  • Led indicator for battery status
  • Adjust the strength of the signal
  • Swivelling electronic control unit with handle
  • Two telescopic antennas that stretch when working with the apparatus
  • Built-in easy replaceable battery of 9V/250mA
  • The maximum distance is 1 km.

    Оne year warranty

    Price 500 EUR

    Contact Us

    Phone +359 899 143132

    Email: [email protected]

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