Metal detector
  • Fau Pulse

"FAU-PULSE-1" - Metal detector

"FAU-PULSE-1" is an impulse metal detector with LCD, graphical representation of the signal level and condition of the battery.

  • Two basic modes - "Discrimination" and "all metals".
  • SFN sound indication - continuous tone.
  • Adjust the audio signal.
  • Adjust the volume threshold.
  • Adjust sensitivity.
  • General operating mode for all metals.
  • Automatic elimination of influence of the magnetic field of the earth.
  • Automatically adapts to ground conditions and reset indication.
  • Lit display.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 12V / 2,2 Ah, providing 10 hours continuous work depending on the selected volume.
  • "FAU-PULSE-1" works with search frame 1.20 x1, 20 m.
  • "FAU-PULSE-1" works with the following depths:

    Metal object size 10x10sm. - 170cm.

    Metal object size 25x25sm. - 220 cm.

    Metal object size 50x50sm. - 280 cm.

    Metal object size 100x100sm - 350 cm.

    Package includes:

  • control unit, frame 1.20 x1, 20 m.
  • Automatic charger for 220V
  • carry straps and detailed instruction manual.
  • Оne year warranty

    Price 500 EUR

    Contact Us

    Phone +359 899 143132

    Email: [email protected]

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