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"FAU PULSE" - Pulse induction transceiver

"FAU PULSE" works on the principle of reception and transmission of signals. It emits powerful electromagnetic pulses with a frequency of 100 Hz from the generator coil which forms a magnetic field above the ground. These impulses stop abruptly after a period of time and that magnetic field decay causes eddy currents in the metal object. Holding the eddy currents in the metal object causes secondary magnetic field emanating from it. This secondary field induces a in the receiving antenna very low voltages, which are amplified by a special differential amplifier, filtered and processed by the host part of "FAU PULSE".

Functions of the apparatus:

  • tonality tuning of sound
  • sensitivity Setup
  • setting the volume
  • frequency tone indication
  • automatic separation (selectivity) of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • headphone output
  • led indication for the strength of the fuses
  • two-rowed LCD with backlight
  • indicate the current battery voltage on the LCD
  • indicating the strength of LCD
  • indicating discrimination against of ferrous versus non-ferrous metals on the LCD
  • built-in 2 pieces batteries 12V/2, 2Ah. Fully loaded batteries allow operation of the apparatus up to 5 hours. Charging the batteries with the supplied charger. Charging of fully worn out batteries tames 10 hours. Optional external batteries.
  • "FAU-PULSE" works on the following depths:

  • Copper vessel with a diameter of 8 cm. -100 cm.
  • Copper vessel with a diameter of 18 cm. -180sm.
  • Copper vessel with a diameter of 32sm. – 240sm.
  • Maximum demand of 6 meters
  • The apparatus does not detect thin-walled metal objects such as cans and lids from jars, as well as certain types of advanced alloys
  • The apparatus shall not be affected by electromagnetic emissions-high voltage transmission lines
  • Set the " FAU PULSE " contain:

  • control unit with built-in rechargeable batteries in 2 pieces
  • strap for mounting the control block for a comfortable fit
  • search structure with two long antennas that can be easily changed and disassembled
  • battery charger 12V/500mA
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Оne year warranty

    Price 2000 EUR

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